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  • Apr20

    Gulmarg 2014 - Luke Jackson Edit

    January and February this year shredding the Himalayan goodness! Awesome place, Awesome people. Good care free living. This is a good for the mind. Thanks to Raja and the lad's for making us feel right at home! CHEEERS $YouTube(7Zv5qt8QHEI, 690, 388)...

  • Apr20

    Under the Mountain - Deported

    Check out the 2nd installment of Beau James and Jackson Wells web series - Under the Mountain.  Filmed by Beau and Jackson during February and March in Colorado and Europe. Hope you enjoy. Additional filming: Jossi Wells, Nicky Keefer, Bruce Wells....

  • Apr19

    How to quench your cravings for snow

    by Rachael Oakes-Ash /

    Christie Hampton reveals where to find the next best thing to a ski or snowboard fix while you wait for winter. Autumn is a fickle time…...

  • Apr18

    The Dingo On Richest Action Athletes

    by The Editors /

    The Dingo sits across from a pair of talking boobs and outlines who he believes are the richest action sports stars of all time on some sports show called The Fumble Rumble. He appears just a little distracted by the...

  • Apr18

    One Turntable And A Signal Snowboard

    by The Editors /

    Yes, it’s already the third Thursday of the month and that means Dave Lee and the Signal Snowboards crew have a new edit about building a wacky snowboard. This time they enlist the talents of Mix Master Mike “nobody can...

  • Apr17

    Giving Back part 2: the Victorian Mobile Landcare Group

    I recently posted about the need for people who enjoy the mountains to give back to the natural environment in some way. One great option is to join or support one of the many groups that do ecological restoration work...

  • Apr17

    Aussie snowgrammers – who to follow this winter

    by Rachael Oakes-Ash /

    Australian snow photographer, Chris Hocking, reveals his favourite snow Instagrammers Yesterday we published Kiwi based photographer, Camilla Stoddart’s top ten instagrammers for all things snow. Today,…...

  • Apr17

    Volkl The Big Mountain Tour - La Grave - EP 1

    In search of fresh powder, great adventures and unforgettable moments the Völkl skiers Ian McIntosh, Christina Lustenberger, Austin Ross and Stian Hagen decided to move south from their base in Chamonix to La Grave. Equipped with the new Völkl v-werks BMT...

  • Apr17

    Rich Permin's full segment from 'Superheroes of Stoke'

    Richie Permin’s segment from MSP’s 2012 film Superheroes of Stoke is now available, in its entirety. Check out the video to see Richie blast butt puckering lines in Alaska and show off his game in the air in a private...

  • Apr17

    Mervin Manufacturing Slims Staff

    by The Editors /

    Mervin Manufacturing, the snowboard company formerly owned by Quiksilver and sold to Altamont Capital Partners (owners of Dakine) last fall, has cut a full 20 percent of its staff according to a story in the Sequim Gazette. The employees were...

  • Apr16

    Partial demolition of Mt Buffalo chalet to start

    As a further development in the long running saga about the historic chalet on the Buffalo Plateau, The Weekly Times is reporting that the two accommodation wings on the chalet can now be demolished. The journalist is Chris McLellan. Iconic...

  • Apr16


    Check out the teaser for Sean Pettit's new movie venture. Sean has teamed up with a bunch of his mates to form Superproof Inc and is launching the storyline based ski movie this spring. British freeskier Leigh Powis looks like he's...

  • Apr16

    The Truth About (the Future of) Snow

    We have frequently run stories on Mountain Journal about the expected impact of climate change on the future of snow (and hence alpine environments, skiing/boarding, and the economies of towns reliant on the industry). Some of these include DEEP: The...

  • Apr16

    Kiwi snowgrammers – who to follow this winter

    by Rachael Oakes-Ash /

    Adventure photographer, Camilla Rutherford (nee Stoddart) reveals her top ten Kiwi snow instagrammers. Camilla Stoddart, oops, I mean Rutherford lives an enviable life. The supremely talented…...

  • Apr15

    When is too early to get excited for snow?

    by Rachael Oakes-Ash /

    Expect snow in New Zealand this week. Yep, this week. One of our Facebook devotees alerted us to the snow forecast in New Zealand. Yes, yes,…...

  • Apr14

    Snowboarding on glass, paper and jet engines

    by Rachael Oakes-Ash /

    Those cray cray snowboarders are at it again, this time with jet engines. Signal snowboards had us guffawing into our hipster glass jars wondering if we…...

  • Apr14

    climate change and bushfires

    There is no doubt that our fire seasons are getting longer and more intense. Here in the south east, in terms of massive fires (greater than 250,000 ha), Victoria experienced two such events in the 19th century and five in...

  • Apr13

    You know winter is coming when…

    by Rachael Oakes-Ash /

    Book in for these must-do events to get you pumped prior to the upcoming southern snow season. Get out your calendar and mark these dates because…...

  • Apr13

    My Sochi Experience -- Carl Murphy

    Four years of training and planning comes down to one race!...

  • Apr13

    #privilegedskierproblems – have you got them?

    by Rachael Oakes-Ash /

    Forget #firstworldproblem #privilegedskierproblems are taking over a mountain near you. Let’s be honest, if you ski or snowboard you’re rich. No, I won’t hear your protestations…...

  • Apr11

    snow season forecast – 2014

    Once the weather starts to cool down in southern Australia, something interesting starts to happen to this website: traffic to the ‘sidecountry’ skiing and boarding guide to Mt Hotham starts to climb, peaking in early June. Its that time of...

  • Apr10

    In praise of huts

    Huts in the mountains can be a vexed issue. Huts will tend to attract people and so tend to concentrate visitation within a larger area. As one example, most people who climb Mt Bogong tend to then turn towards Cleve...

  • Apr10

    Are you too old for apres?

    by Rachael Oakes-Ash /

    There was a time where I was the Queen of Apres, when the night before was blown from my weary dancing bones by a simple ski…...

  • Apr10

    Below The Line - Teaser

    The All Us In Winterland crew have been out and about, searching for the snow and the terrain to create one hell of a trip. Have a glimpse at the teaser and get ready for the three part series to...

  • Apr09

    Oakley Custom Radarlock Review

    by Richard Ross /

    2 years ago I got a pair of Oakley Radarlock Sunglasses to review. Were they good? Yes. Were they perfect? No. ( Click Here to read the review ) I’ve skied a lot in them, both in-resort but more specifically...

  • Apr08

    Legend Scot Schmidt - Salomon Freeski TV S7 E12

    Scot Schmidt is a legend in Freeskiing. He is the original pro freeskier and became a household name in skiing after the release of the 1987 ski film, 'Blizzard of Ahhhs'. Mike Douglas pays him a visit to see what...

  • Apr07

    Giving back

    While on a recent walk in Mt Field national park in Tasmania, I was struck by the amount of track work that had been done in the four years since I was last there. Much of this is in the...

  • Apr07

    Suzuki Nine Knights 2014 - All the Insane action

    Four different triple corks went down at the Big Air of the legendary Suzuki Nine Knights in Livigno. The immaculately shaped castle on Mottolino Fun Mountain glistened in the sunlight as 20 invited freeskiers put on a show to remember. $YouTube(WxdjN8M9gyU,...

  • Apr06

    They wore what? Fifteen ski/board outfits for the foolhardy

    by Rachael Oakes-Ash /

    Every day is Halloween at a ski resort. Clearly some resorts sprinkle LSD into the snow making guns by night then provide a dress up box…...

  • Apr05

    Momenta: More than a Film

    I recently reviewed the ski film All.I.Can. It’s such a great film, but has an awful take home message when it comes to climate change. So when I spotted this film, I was instantly cheered up. Momenta is a new...

  • Apr04

    Pick me, pick me

    by Rachael Oakes-Ash /

    Ok, here’s the deal. I entered a pageant, a bloggers pageant. Which makes me the Honey Boo Boo of the internet machine. The Best Australian Blogs…...

  • Apr04

    new road proposed for Mt Stirling

    In 2008, the Mt Buller and Mt Stirling Alpine Resort Management Board applied for permission to build a road through old growth alpine ash across the north side of Corn Hill from Mt Buller to Mt Stirling. This was ostensively...

  • Apr03

    the Dark Snow project

    “ There’s no place on earth that’s changing faster — and no place where that change matters more — than Greenland. ” - Bill McKibben The first-ever Greenland expedition relying on crowd source funding aims to answer the ‘burning question’:...

  • Apr03

    Tim Windell Finds A Summer Camp Exit

    by The Editors /

    Mt. Hood summer camp consolidation is well underway as Windells Camp and High Cascade Snowboard Camp join forces as We Are Camp, LLC. After shaping the world of snow summer camps and creating one of the most popular youth sports...

  • Mar01

    SpringBreak - Salomon Freeski TV S7 E11

    Sometimes things do not go as planned and you end up on Spring Break in the mountains with Josh Dueck, Cody Townsend, Josh Daiek & Leah Evans! $Vimeo(88647615, 690, 388) Music: 'Country Drive'by Gary O'NealCourtesy of Audio Jungle 'Hell'by Super Visionsupervision.bandcamp.comCourtesy of Super Vision...

  • Mar31

    ATOMIC AIRTIME | Jossi, Andreas, Beau, Jackson, Nicky and Elias - Part 2

    After a fun session on the perfect jump at the top of the Absolute Park, Jossi, Andreas, Beau-James, Jackson, Nicky and Elias turned their focus towards the eclectic mix of jib features shaped to perfection by the Absolute Park crew. From...

  • Mar31

    Beau-James Wells Claim’s NZ’s First Junior World Champs Title

    Beau-James Wells has won the Freeski Halfpipe Junior World Championships in Valmalenco, Italy. Beau qualified in first placed yesterday with a score of 86.2. But with his nearest rival Joel Gisler from Switzerland hot on his heels scoring 85.00, Beau knew...

  • Mar27

    Jamie Lynn For Dragon Optical Collection

    by The Editors /

    Does the concept of pro snowboarder product endorsement still work? Of course it does. The only reason we posted this Dragon Optical Collection video is because Jamie Lynn is in it. And it’s probably the only reason that you’ll watch...

  • Mar27

    Winter Rages On At Mammoth Mountain

    by The Editors /

    Today’s storm at Mammoth Mountain (March 26, 2014) dropped 8 -10 inches of fresh pow and kept Sierra shreds blazing in mid-winter glory. And you know what else? Mammoth is staying open until Memorial Day (May 26, 2014) like they...

  • Mar25

    ATOMIC AIRTIME | Andreas, Nicky, Jossi, Beau, Jackson and Elias

    Skiing for the love of it: Jossi Wells, Beau-James Wells, Elias Ambühl & Andreas Håtveit left the hectic schedule and stress of the Olympics behind to join Nicky Keefer & Jackson Wells for a week at the Absolut Park in...

  • Mar25

    Small Jump Big Skis

    Spring hit hard this week in Innsbruck, hot days and no snow. So I hit park with my big mountain skis and the great company of Mr. Tom Von Platts. This was our fun day... $Vimeo(89871221, 690, 388)  ...

  • Mar25

    2014 Tom Sims Retro World Championships

    by The Editors /

    Kevin Delaney, Shaun Palmer, Chris Roach, Keith Kimmel, Bob Klein and the rest of the old school shreds (photo Sky Rondenet) showed over the weekend (March 22 – 23, 2014) that they’re all just as strong as they ever were,...

  • Mar25

    Backcountry Snowboarder Dies In Tree Well

    by The Editors /

    A 29-year-old snowboarder died Sunday March 23, 2014 after falling headfirst into a tree well while riding in the backcountry near Pemberton, British Columbia, according to a story in the Vancouver Sun. The day began when the friends snowmobiled into...

  • Mar25

    Snowboarder Dies Hitting Stratton Mtn Sign

    by The Editors /

    Tommy Hoang, a 16-year-old from Randolph, Massachusetts, died Saturday, March 22, 2014 after hitting a sign at Stratton Mountain on his first day snowboarding, according to a story on Winhall police say Tommy Hoang, of Randolph, Mass., was injured...

  • Mar24

    Jacob Tapper-Norris || CO 2013-2014

    Here are a collection of shots that were filmed over three days whilst I was in Breckridge. Thanks to SITE Trampolining and Salomon for the support, and also to anyone that made my trip so enjoyable. Make sure to watch...

  • Mar24

    Blade Nation Se.2 Ep.2 - Inside The Blader Zone

    The second instalment of Blade Nation season 2. Coming right to your optic nerve from Switzerland! I didn't think we were taking this so seriously, but it looks like we have seasons now. So that's pretty fruity. But I guess we...

  • Mar22

    Signal Snowboard’s New Hot Rod

    by The Editors /

    Dave Lee and the Signal Snowboards crew get back to the base-ics, experimenting with new technology that adds a little heat up the base of a snowboard. Will it make the boards go faster? Will this be the technology that...

  • Mar19


    From Jackson Hole via Chamonix and La Clusaz to the streets of Poland, follow The Faction Collective’s adventures in the second episode of our web series. $Vimeo(89357065, 690, 388) Featuring (in order of appearance) : Arnaud Rougier, Sam Cohen, Tim McChesney,...

  • Mar18

    Skiers Junction – Freeskiing Camp

    by Tim Gale /

    During my recent trip to the USA, I had the opportunity to spend some time in Breckenridge and Keystone with the Skiers Junction guys for the last few days of the camp. Skiers Junction is Australia’s pre-eminent freeskiing camp, run...

  • Mar18

    Corey Peters wins Silver medal in Sochi

    New Zealand sit skier Corey Peters returned to the slopes of the Rosa Khutor Alpine Centre on Saturday for the NZ team’s final event of the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games. Having performed well above his world ranking with a sixth...

  • Mar14

    Kathmandu update

    In my original assessment (2010) I was less than favourable about Kathmandu on environmental and workplace issues. Partly this was because I had difficulty gaining information from the company and there was nothing available on their website. A fair bit...

  • Mar12

    Sam Lee - Euro Edit #3

    This is my 3rd edit from Europe. Most of the skiing is filmed in Verbier and Bruson. Check it out $Vimeo(88669262, 690, 388) The song is Futureworld by Com Truise. Skier:Sam Lee Filming:Michael NorrieEmilio Sedano...

  • Mar12

    Phil Casabon | Sustenance '2013 season'

    Peace, This iz my season edit from 2013, a lot of park due to the Inspired Demo tour but got to go out in the streets a little and in the side country, was a very enjoyable and blessed season,...

  • Mar12

    The Big Picture - Zero/One · Zero/Two

    Rossignol Presents The Big Picture - Episode 2 of Parker White and Chris Logan's web series. Check out what Parker, Chris and friends were up to this past February. $Vimeo(88183143, 690, 388) Thanks to our supporting sponsors Electric California, Orage, Tomahawk International. Skiers:...

  • Mar04

    2015 Line Skis Official Graphics

    by Richard Ross /

    As per our previous post showcasing the official graphics of the 2015 K2 Skis range, see below the Line Skis: The most notable changes are the replacement of the Prophet and Influence ranges with the new Supernatural. Tim tested all...

  • Feb26

    Human powered mountaineers

    I love these people: Human-Powered Mountaineers use bikes to access the peaks for their adventures (as well as promoting sustainable food production and lifestyles). Human-Powered Mountaineers is a grassroots organisation that was started by Justene Sweet and Christopher Bangs.  Their...

  • Feb26

    Patagonia wins ‘Environmental Product of the Year’ award

    The following comes directly from Patagonia. When we started making wetsuits in 2006, our aim was simple: Build the best possible suits in the least damaging way. The most environmentally harmful aspect of a wetsuit is neoprene, a synthetic, petroleum-derived...

  • Feb12

    Skiing in Iran: Tochal & Dizin – January 2014

    by Natasha Pase /

    Editor’s Note: Given that I’m not skiing OS this year due to a house renovation, I thought it would be a good idea to reach out to members of the aussieskier Social Media community to tell us about some of...

  • Feb06

    2015 K2 Womens Skis Range – Official Graphics

    by Richard Ross /

    As promised in our post about the 2015 K2 Mens Skis – here are the official images of the 2015 K2 Womens Ski range – hot off the K2 Intranet: K2 2015 Potion Womens Range: This is a vastly expanded...

  • Feb06

    2015 K2 Mens Skis Range – Official Graphics

    by Richard Ross /

    Hot on the heels of Tim’s excellent report from SIA – K2′s 2015 Skis have been released on their intranet, so here are the updated graphics of the Mens Skis, fresh and in high resolution: K2 AMP Frontside/Carving Range: (Click...

  • Feb03

    TR: USA 2014 SIA Snow Show Denver – 2015 Skis

    by Tim Gale /

    Made it to Denver for SIA, a few hours later than planned as it snowed 2 feet overnight in Breckenridge and seeing as there has been no powder days on the trip so far I couldn’t pass it up. Check...

  • Jan01

    TR: USA 2014 Beaver Creek, Vail, Breckenridge & Keystone

    by Tim Gale /

    It has be a week or so since i have done a post. I have manage to ski 4 resorts over the week and a bit. I started up at Beaver Creek where skiing the first bumps of the trip...

  • Jan22

    TR: USA 2014 The Crash Reel

    by Tim Gale /

    Tonight here in Beaver Creek I finally got to go and see a movie I have wanted to go see for a while The Crash Reel showcases the journey of Kevin Pearce and his rivalry with Shaun White which was...

  • Jan20

    TR: USA 2014 Deer Valley Moguls, Park City & Road to Colorado

    by Tim Gale /

    The weather has continued to be bluebird, which made great viewing for Saturday’s events. Headed up to Deer Valley to see the TBR camp athletes compete on the course that had held the World Cup the week before and regard...

  • Jan14

    the Backyard Project – low carbon adventures

    In a world where a big part of living the ‘dream’ is to have the ability to travel wherever you want wherever you want, a decision to stay at home and enjoy your own back yard becomes a radical action....

  • Jan06

    ‘Worn Wear’. Don’t buy new stuff – love the stuff you already have

    This 27 minute film comes from Patagonia. Worn Wear is an exploration of quality – in the things we own and the lives we live. This short film takes you to an off-the-grid surf camp in Baja, Mexico; a family’s maple...

  • Jan05

    The Equipment Library

    This is a great idea: an outdoor gear hire service primarily aimed at parents of school children, but also hiring to adults and families. For people who don’t do lots of overnight walking, it can save on purchases, and also...

  • Dec31

    Down But Not Out -- Carl Murphy

    A fractured leg is a setback, but I will come back stronger and faster...

  • Dec12

    Patagonia’s Worn Wear campaign

    This post is taken directly from the Sustainable Play website (‘Stories for the human-powered and self-propelled’) and is written by Brad Rassler. Patagonia’s Worn Wear campaign, stunning in concept and potentially disruptive to the outdoor industry, is precisely why I’m...

  • Dec08

    DEEP: The Story of Skiing and the Future of Snow

    As our governments at state and federal level continue to ignore the reality of climate change, and dismantle the limited actions we currently have in place to reduce emissions, this book seems rather timely for those of us who like...

  • Nov22

    Patagonia Torquay turns 5

    Happy Birthday Patagonia Torquay Celebrate this Saturday (November 23) from 10-2pm, with live music, free bbq, facepainting, free coffee and CAKE of course! Full details here....

  • Nov21

    Building up for 2014 -- Carl Murphy

    Short update on whats been happening....

  • Nov16

    Soul Poles

    This info comes directly from the company. No snow. No ski. That’s the simple fact of global warming and the grim predictions of disappearing alpine snow. And it inspired Soul’s singular focus: Innovate the greenest equipment in the snow sports...

  • Oct12

    A long walk for two harvests: BC report 12/10/2013

    by Richard Hocking /

    Tony was up for his last day this season so we decided to take a punt and see how much snow we'd find on Twynam West. We got off to a good...

  • Sep26

    World's best northern ski deals

    Meh. That is the general consensus on the snow season that wasn’t in Australia. But enough mulling over that one, we have snow on the ground north of the equator and ski and snowboard trips ......

  • Sep26

    The Extreme Picnic -- Briar Peters

    The Extreme Picnic that went down last week at Mt Ruapehu in place of the cancelled FWQ event...thanks for the photos Martyn Davies....

  • Sep19

    Funniest snow reports

    Australians like to take the piss. We love to pay out others and ourselves and applaud when others do too. We also like the truth which is why Mt Buller snow reporter Chris Morecroft's video went...

  • Sep12

    Ice cold: the coolest new hotspots

    The ski and snowboard world is dominated by big resorts. Skiers and boarders flock to St Anton in Austria, Verbier in Switzerland, Whistler in Canada, Aspen Snowmass and Vail in the US, Niseko ......

  • Sep12

    Miss Snow It All Instagram competition: the finalists

    Our Snow It All Instagram2win competition took a new turn this year. Each week we chose five finalists from the thousands of instagrams tagged with #misssnowitall and featured them in a...

  • Sep05

    The world's most spectacular ski lodges

    You always remember your first time in a remote lodge surrounded by endless ridge lines of snow-laden peaks with nothing but the starlit sky to light your way. This is where you find your true ......

  • Sep03

    Spring ding

    by DJEddy /

    Just cause its come a bit early dont mean you cant enjoy it, Spring is the time for extreme pleasure at Hotham and here is why, [1] Soft snow so you can get rad and try new trix and crash...

  • Sep02

    Black Diamond Big Mountain Competition -- Briar Peters

    Although unable to compete I was lucky enough to get to Temple Basin to watch the second competition of the chill series, heres what went down at the Black Diamond Big Mountain Competition...

  • Aug29

    Our boozy rite of passage is wrong

    There is a corner of the Farinet lounge bar in Verbier where alcohol tabs regularly hit the €5000+ ($7500) mark thanks to financiers, musicians and Grand Prix types bidding to outdo each ......

  • Aug24

    Super Mank: Perisher Report 24/08/2013

    by Richard Hocking /

    Tony, Jhono and I were excited. There had been fresh yesterday and we hoped where there would be some stashes for us. However the wet snow yesterday was firm early up high...

  • Aug24

    World Heli Challenge 2013 -- Briar Peters

    From the 4th to the 17th of August 2013 the World Heli Challenge went down in Wanaka NZ. I was lucky enough to be a part of this great event!...

  • Aug22

    Skiing: white, straight and elitist?

    New Zealand is basking in the glow of international elite competition this week at the Audi Quattro Winter Games New Zealand, a ......

  • Aug16

    Demo Team Training Day 2: Perisher Report 16/08/2013

    by Richard Hocking /

    Today was another great day for training. There was less cloud, but it was warmer and windier. We had an early start and got so ski some gates on Escapade. Olympic opened...

  • Aug15

    Demo Team Training Day 1: Perisher Report 15/08/2013

    by Richard Hocking /

    I'm getting some mid week turns to train with the Australian Demo Team going to Interski. As the lone telemarker I love this training since I'm being constantly pushed to keep up...

  • Aug15

    Snow worries: will global warming kill the ski industry?

    If you've been at the snow in Australia this year you'll already know that July 2013 was one of the worst for snowfalls on record. Even snowmaking was put on hold when Mt Hotham experienced a...

  • Aug13

    We waited now its time to open all the gifts

    by DJEddy /

    The last cuppla weeks have been Heavanly for snowfreaks, intense storms keep tracking in then sun for a cuppla dayz so you can get rad and everyone can see how rad you are [which is important] now comes a power...

  • Aug10

    Crunchy and Dusty: Perisher Report 10/08/13

    by Richard Hocking /

    I had high hopes for today, but the snowfall had been light, it was warm and is was very crusty. The weeks snowfall had doubled the Spencer's Ck snow depth from ~50cm...

  • Aug08

    Flakes like dinner plates

    by DJEddy /

    Ahoy snownuts hope your all doin fine in this radical season. Mumma nature has come thru and spayed us with white this last week, Blue ribbon opens this arvo and the Heavenly area is so creamy right now, lotsa curly...

  • Aug08

    Why spring skiing is the best

    It was September 24, 2008. The storm came in from the south, bringing cold, crisp temperatures and dry, light snow by the bucketload. A day of subzero temperatures followed, sucking any extra ......

  • Aug06

    Falling Back to Earth -- WhiteOut

    Kevin Pearce was one of the world's best snowboarders, before a horrific accident in 2009 ended his career....

  • Aug04

    Freshies Gold Rush: Perisher Report 04/08/2013

    by Richard Hocking /

    After the light snowfall yesterday I was hoping for more, deeper and just as dry snow today. The weather was better, overcast, snowing and not as windy. The carpark was more filled...

  • Aug03

    Powder and Ice: Perisher Report 03/08/2013

    by Richard Hocking /

    I met up with Tony and Johno for a day which we had hoped would be an epic freshie day. However the sun was out, only the odd flake was falling and...

  • Aug01

    No rest for the wicked! -- Briar Peters

    Its been a fast paced, stressful, yet enjoyable few weeks with some exciting opportunities cropping up......

  • Aug01

    Cool as ice: the world's best snow festivals

    Skiers and boarders love to socialise and what better way to bond with fellow snow lovers than at a winter festival? From giant ice sculptures to big name music performers, Hollywood types and ......

  • Jul31

    I can't be Spring Yet: Perisher Report 31/07/2013

    by Richard Hocking /

    Today was bluebird, warm and not too much wind. The snow was refrozen and struggled to thaw out in most aspects off piste. The ridges were bare and there were plenty of...

  • Jul31

    From the Pisa's to Turoa -- Mission Wow

    Weather conditions on Saturday meant a quick change of plans for Mission WOW - instead of Treble Cone, the group set off for the Pisa range......